Airbnb launches first underwater bedroom in Paris allowing guests to sleep with sharks

Thrill seekers can rent the room on their next trip to Paris

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The next time you’re in Paris, forget the cozy apartments and charming lofts. Sleep with the sharks instead.

Starting next month, Airbnb will be renting out its first underwater bedroom, which is located in the shark tank at the Aquarium De Paris.

Sleeping on a circular bed encompassed by 360-degree glass walls, guests will be submerged in 3 million litres of water with 35 of the tank's inhabitants.

In addition to the unique surroundings, world record-breaking freediver Fred Buyle will guide visitors on a tour of the aquarium.

But interested guests will have to act fast. The deal is only on offer for three nights in mid-April, and it is only available by entering a contest on the Airbnb’s website. The winners will be flown in from anywhere in the world.