EasyJet plane forced to make emergency landing after smoke on flight deck

Captain brought the plane and 157 passengers safely down in Gatwick, despite being on oxygen

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An EasyJet passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Gatwick earlier today after the passenger cabin filled with smoke.

Flight #EZY7215 from Liverpool to Naples, carrying 157 passengers and six cabin crew members, was forced to divert to London after a “technical issue” caused the flight desk to fill with smoke.

Speaking to The Independent, a spokesperson said: “The aircraft landed safely and was met by emergency services as a routine and precautionary measure.”

Passenger Richard Caddy praised the bravery of the plane’s captain, who revealed he was on oxygen when the plane landed.

He later tweeted: ‘Smoke in cockpit but no fire. Captain v impressive.’

Mr Caddy said: “The pilot was great just for keeping us informed throughout. Really kept a lid on things.”


The flight left Liverpool at 6.20 in the morning and having unexpectedly landed at Gatwick at 7.20, passengers waited for a replacement flight to Naples.  

The incident would have caused another headache for Gatwick staff who were grappling with a fire alarm later this morning in the North terminal.