Open jaw: 'There are ways to exact revenge on passengers'

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Doors to manual

Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who abandoned his career by leaving the aircraft while it was on the ground by means of an emergency slide, really knew how to make an exit. During my 39 years in the aviation industry, I have come across all types of passengers, and some have driven me close to exploding, but I never did.

Anyway, you implied that the easyJet A319 with 156 seats is a similar model to that operated by JetBlue. Until recently JetBlue operated a single fleet type of the A320. They now have a sizeable fleet of Embraer 190s as well.

Ray Hunt

Poor Steven Slater: how I sympathised with his exasperation, having been what was then known as an air stewardess for nigh on 10 years in the Seventies, working on long-haul British Airways routes. There were, of course, ways of exacting revenge on troublesome passengers ... but perhaps least said soonest mended.

Mary Le Feuvre

Threatened heritage

I visited the Pyramids for the first time in April. I was bowled over by the sheer magnificence of the Pyramids but I was appalled at the amount of rubbish left by visitors. If this practice is not stopped the heaps of detritus could get as big as the Pyramids themselves!

My dismay was made worse by the sight of two tourist policemen on camels drinking coffee from plastic cups then throwing them over their shoulders when they were finished. What sort of example is that to set? My heart sank and made me feel quite depressed.

Jenny Fenton

'The A to Z of Car Hire'

It is a pity that young people have to pay a premium. But what about the people who are told, "you cannot hire a car – you are too old?"

My husband (82, clean licence) is now unable to hire a car, friends in their 70s are unable to hire cars. Fortunately when we go to the US, we can hire a car, as there is no age discrimination. But no longer in the EU.

Pat Short