Travel By Numbers: Cycling

The Tour de France has hit the road – shouldn’t you as well? Unlock the world of bike travel
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Distance in kilometres of the 97th Tour de France, which ends in Paris on 25 July). The most spectacular stretches are in the Pyrenees, which this year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Tour passing through this region (the Tour first began in 1903; several years have been missed because of war). Sports Tours International has two-week itineraries for groups capable of around 100km that includes sections where riders can take on the climbs a day or so after the peloton has passed.


Number of the longest route of the National Cycle Network, National Route 1, which runs from Dover to the far north of Shetland, using dedicated paths, country lanes and quiet roads. The most spectacular shoreline has been branded "Coast & Castles", running from Newcastle to Edinburgh (200 miles) and onwards via Dundee to Aberdeen (170 miles), passing the spectacular Dunnottar Castle.


Numbers of days of cycling available in the Greece-to-Italy cycling tour offered by Ciclismo Classico. The two-week tour from Loutraki in Greece to Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy, costs $6,295 (£4,200) which includes bike rental and accommodation at a number of "premier lodgings" along the way.


Cost of half-an-hour’s use of a bike in the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme, which is launched in London on 30 July. Modelled on similar schemes in France and elsewhere, it features 400 docking stations around the capital. It is not entirely free; you must register (£1 for 24 hours, £5 for a week) and pay for rentals over 30 minutes. “If you’d like to cycle for longer than a couple of hours [£6] it might be cheaper for you to use a company that specialises in hiring bicycles.” And if you damage or fail to return the bike, you face a bill of up to £300.


Peak temperature in Celsius in Death Valley, California, which this summer has introduced bike rentals and guided cycle tours based at the Ranch at Furnace Creek.


Start time each Sunday morning of Bogotá's Ciclovía, when 110km of the Colombian capital's streets are closed to motorists in favour of cyclists, walkers and inline skaters. Free aerobic (Recreovia) events are also held from 8am at various points throughout the city.


Percentage of the population of Trondheim, Norway, who cycle to work or school every day. The world's first bicycle lift was introduced in 1993 and is now one of Trondheim's most visited attractions.


Height in metres of the crater of Haleakala, in Hawaii, the world's largest dormant volcano. Hundreds of people gather here at sunrise for the planet's greatest freewheeling opportunity. Companies such as Haleakala Bike Co will drive you to the top for sunrise then give you a bike on which you can "cycle" around 60km down to sea level.