Vietnam rebrands itself 'A Different Orient'

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Vietnam is to rebrand itself "A Different Orient" as it tries to continue its recent boom in visitor numbers.

A contest that took place at the end of last year was used to select the new campaign's winning design, which shows a multicolored star and the slogan "Vietnam, A Different Orient" and will be used in its global tourism promotion until 2015.

The winning design "shows the reviewed vitality of a newly-emerging Vietnam with its unique national identity, while the slogan reflects the uniqueness, independence, and new vision of Vietnam - an attractive destination in Asia," said the designers.

The country's rebrand comes as it tries to position itself as a major Asian tourist destination, seeking a rise in the number of foreign visitors of between 10 and 15 percent by 2020.

By 2015, when the new logo will be retired, Vietnam expects to welcome 12 million foreign visitors annually according to reports from the country.

The new logo will replace Vietnam's existing "Vietnam - the hidden charm" slogan, which has been in place during the recent boom in the country's tourism figures - according to the Vietnam National Tourism Administration, total arrivals to the country in 2010 soared by 34.8 percent to just over five million visitors.

Recently published figures suggest that the boom is continuing into this year, with a rise of 8.9 percent in visitor numbers in January.

Vietnam's new branding will join a host of other campaigns conducted by South East Asian countries, including Malaysian Tourism's award-winning "Malaysia Truly Asia" campaign and the relatively new "Amazing Thailand" campaign.