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How to survive a plane emergency - pay attention to safety briefing

On 31 October, 224 people lost their lives when a Russian charter flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg crashed. Like high-profile aviation disasters last year involving Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, disaster struck at altitude. The tragic sequence may create the impression that an inflight emergency is invariable fatal and therefore paying attention to the safety briefing is a waste of time.

Where to celebrate New Year's Eve

Welcome 2016 by staying close to home and joining the crowds in Edinburgh, or going off piste with an unconventional overnight stay in France

Don't let an obsession with technology ruin your holiday

I was told about a donkey ride which takes less than an hour, but the organisers found there was such a demand from tourists to remain connected to the internet that they had to install battery powered wi-fi routers on the donkeys

How to insist on your travel rights

An estimated 20,000 British holidaymakers were stranded in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh by the UK government's unprecedented ban on flights from the airport. Operations started up again 48 hours later, but restrictions on flights mean the repatriation of passengers has been much slower than hoped. Some of the people stuck in the resort have said they have received no help from their travel firms – often, they say, because they are travelling independently rather than on a package holiday.