Q. There is a plethora of luggage. Have you written about travelling light, and can you recommend something suitable for me as a frequent traveller to the Continent?

Gerry O'Donnell, Belfast

A. Good question. The dimensions used by the airlines for cabin baggage are all different - a case that's acceptable for BA won't necessarily be accepted by easyJet, while Flybe and Ryanair have progressively smaller limits. Over the years I have simply travelled with a series of 40-litre backpack from Decathlon, which currently costs £30. They are light and pretty hardy (normally lasting two-three years) and have plenty of secure pockets. So long as it is not overstuffed, I can fit it into all the different the frames at the airports without problem.

However, starting with Wizz Air some airlines are likely all to start charging for larger pieces of cabin baggage. Therefore I'm considering the half-size version, which is only £13 at present. Those spare socks will have to go; sorry everyone.

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