Q. Thank you for your advice on EU flight cancellation compensation. I have made a successful claim from Flybe. I have been offered the required €250 payment in cash, but I have been offered €300 as a credit for future travel from Flybe. Which is best?

David Brennan, Ayrshire

A.  That depends on your travel plans in the near future. The credit no doubt comes with a time limit attached. If you have definite intentions to travel on a route served by Flybe before then, and would plan to spend at least €300 on the trip(s), you will plainly be better off with a voucher. But if your plans are uncertain, I suggest you go for the cash.

Credit is due to Flybe for making this offer. According to information I have received, at least one other UK airline has been apparently trying to pull the wool over travellers' eyes about their entitlement. The airline has been sending out vouchers to the value of the EU settlement, instead of cash. The rules stipulate cash (or at least a cheque) must be paid unless the traveller agrees to an alternative - and of course no rational person would accept a voucher rather than cash unless there were some incentive, which is what Flybe is providing.

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