Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: Flying via Munich, am I able to leave the transit area?


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Q I am flying with Lufthansa to Luxembourg City, via Munich, where I have a four-hour stopover. I hope to meet a friend there who lives in Munich, but am unsure whether I can leave the transit area or indeed leave the airport?

Julia Johnson, Birmingham

A Yes, you can leave the transit area, and thanks to the excellent and reliable public transport you will be able to travel into the city centre confident of getting back in time for your flight.

When you check in for the flight, you should be given the boarding passes for both legs of the journey. Upon arrival in Munich, just follow the exit signs along with your fellow passengers. The S-Bahn train from the airport's own station into the city centre takes about 40 minutes. When you return to the airport, just show your boarding pass, go through security in the normal way and make your way to the departure gate for Luxembourg. If you have checked-in luggage, this will be transferred automatically - there is no need to retrieve it and check it in again.

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