Q. I am going to Corfu in September. I changed both outgoing and incoming flights by a couple of days. The travel firm charged me £25 admin fees, and easyJet charged me €108. Is that a fair amount for easyJet to charge? I find it a bit excessive. Can you help?

Peter Jaram

A. September is a perfect time to be in Corfu, and thankfully there is now a good range of budget flights to get you there.

On the face of it, I understand that paying more than £100 to shift flights by a couple of days looks excessive - after all, you are giving the airline plenty of notice to re-sell your original seats. But in fact easyJet is one of the more generous airlines in terms of amendments. The airline allows changes for a charge of £35 per flight, plus any increase in the fare paid - I imagine one of your new flights was slightly more expensive than you originally paid, which explained why you paid the equivalent of close to £100.

What puzzles me is the "travel firm" you mention; this may be an online intermediary such as eDreams or Bravofly, both of which offer attractive initial fares online but then add extras and cost more than buying direct. I cannot see any reason to use these companies when easyJet's best fares are available from easyJet, and making amendments is far simpler when you go direct.

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