Simon Calder's Holiday Helpdesk: What currency should I take to Croatia?

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Q I am off to Croatia in a few days and wonder whether, for spending in restaurants and shops, I should take euros or kuna with me bearing in mind Croatia have recently joined the euro. I am taking euros to pay for accommodation but have heard that most shops etc would rather accept kuna. Can you advise please?

Maria Kernott, Colchester

A Maria, it's a common misapprehension that when a nation joins the EU it immediately adopts the euro - with the notable exception of Britain. Croatia joined the EU last month. In fact, while there is a general assumption that most countries will sign up eventually, Croatia remains firmly committed to the currency it has had since the break-up of Yugoslavia: the kuna. Similarly, Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic retain their respective versions of the crown.

True, some hotels in Croatia and other non-euro nations quote rates in the single currency, and you can if you wish pay in euros. But every other trader is likely to want only local currency. So take sterling cash to change in Croatia (you'll get a better rate there than you will in the UK).

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