Q Will Thursday's strike in Portugal affect flights? I am booked to fly to Faro.

Elaine Kenyon

A A general strike has been called in Portugal for two days' time, ie 27 June. The Foreign Office says, enigmatically: "There may be disruption to travel and public services; check with your travel company before you leave."

Anything might happen on the day, but the evidence is that airlines are divided on the possible effects. Between Heathrow and Lisbon, for example, TAP Portugal, is currently planning a full schedule, but British Airways has cancelled two of its three flights on 27 June.

The main low-cost airlines, easyJet and Ryanair, are not yet showing any cancellations, but that may change.

If your flight is cancelled, then the airline must get you there as soon as possible - though because you go to the back of the queue, this could mean some days.

Should your flight depart as planned, then prepare for considerable disruption once you land - particularly if you are planning to use public transport. But on the Algarve, the economic dependence on tourism should mean there is less disruption than elsewhere.

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