Video track test: BMW M2

Finding out how much of a punch BMW’s little supercar-challenger really packs

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There’s one sure-fire way to find out what is Britain’s Best Driver’s Car of the year. Spend a few days with the some of the best contenders at a racetrack, to try and crown an overall victor.

That’s why the team decamp with supercars and notepads to the spectacular Anglesey track in Wales. This year, we sent a video crew along too, to find out how they got on.

The longlist reads like a who’s who of supercars. Porsche 911 R, Aston Martin GT8, Honda NSX, McLaren 675 LT, and last year’s winner, the Ferrari 488 GTB. Oh, and the most apparently diminutive of the group, the BMW M2.

Here, appearances can be deceptive. The BMW is tremendous fun, and its 370bhp 3.0-litre straight-six engine has huge depths of performance. Enough to take the fight to the cream of the 2016 supercar crop? Sit back and watch to find out…