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Trump appears to waver on immigration plan

Mr Trump previously said undocumented people living in the US would 'have to go', but now he is said to be soliciting suggestions for a 'humane and efficient' immigration policy

What is the Southern strike and what does it mean for UK railways?

Why are hundreds of thousands of journeys wrecked every day in what seems a petty row over who closes the train doors? As a five-day strike makes life even more miserable for commuters on Southern, Simon Calder delves more deeply into a dispute that masks a confrontation over the future of Britain’s railways

Police say they cannot rule out 'terrorism as a motivation'

Police say they cannot rule out "terrorism as a motivation" after a woman in her sixties was killed and five people were injured in a mass stabbing in Russell Square, and warned Londoners will wake up to an increased police presence on the streets of the capital on Thursday.