Apple iPhone 6S goes on sale

Tech reporter Andrew Griffin went down to Apple's Covent Garden store for the eagerly anticipated release of the new iPhone

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One man queued since Monday evening for Friday's UK release of the new iPhone.

People had come from across the country to queue several hours and be one of the first to get their hands on the new model.

Apple tends to use the same design for its phones two years running so visually there aren't many great differences with this new model.

The Rose Gold design is however a new colour.

The processor is faster as is the Touch ID recognition.

3D touch also adds sensitivity to the touch screen allowing smaller menus from the home screen for each app when pressed harder. This could add a great deal to the flexibility of apps in the future.

Live photos is another new feature, taking recorded frames before and after you take a photo, allowing them to move when pressed including on the lock screen.

The battery life is largely similar but the video capabilities are much stronger, filming in 4k HD.

Selfie takers will also be pleased to hear that the screen now flashes when taking a selfie, making low light no longer an issue.