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Turkish reaction to that match

'WE ARE proud, ecstatic, happy . . . and most important of all, we're right. Why? because we have become Europeanised with our Galatasaray.

'However much our alleged friends on the Continent try to block us from entering their land, through our football we're now Europeans. We taught a significant lesson to the 'sages' of football, we turned them out of doors.'

'Milliyet', mass circulation daily

'IT'S some kind of wonder to eliminate such a famous club as Manchester United. Galatasaray's success shall acquire a legendary status and shall be passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

'It is a new page in the history of Turkish football. No one can slight us now. The Turkish nation is proud of those 11 lion-hearted men that sent Manchester United down the drain.'

'Cumhuriyet', heavyweight daily

'THE BRITS were so sorry to have invented football after they were defeated by the mighty Turk . . . it was as if the Brits kept saying throughout the match: 'Hey, this is a lot worse than our defeat in the Dardanelles 70 years ago'.'

'Turkiye', ultra-nationalist daily.