Breast implants cleared of danger: Letter

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Sir: Suzanne Moore's claim that breast implants have been found to be dangerous is inaccurate ("Time we reclaimed what is rightfully ours", 11 October)

Numerous studies have been carried out in the United States, notably at the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University Medical School/Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Universities of Calgary and Kansas, which state that there is now compelling evidence that silicone implants expose patients to no demonstrable additional risk to connective tissue disorder or rheumatic disease.

In this country, the Department of Health in 1990 reviewed all available evidence from an independent advisory committee on carcinogenicity and silicone gel implants and concluded that it did not support the suggestion of a link between silicone gel and an increased incidence of cancer.


Director, The Heath Clinic

London NW11

Musical tubes

for low bridges

Sir: Crashing a bus into a bridge ("They huffed and they bussed, but it still wouldn't fall down", 16 October) seems an expensive way to remind us of the expense involved when a tall vehicle attempts to go under a low bridge.

There is a better way. On the approach to the Rotherhithe Tunnel under the Thames they have suspended long tubes. Any driver of a tall vehicle which hits one has a musical reminder of the danger. Why not construct gantries with such suspended tubes before each low bridge?


London NW3