Biffy's story: Guarantee gave this mother-of-three a new future

'The day I was told that my  tenancy was going through ... was extremely emotional'

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Biffy Lynch joined the Royal Navy when she was 19 and left ten years later after travelling the world whilst serving on board various warships and looking after numerous senior Officers including the Second Sea Lord at his base port HMNB Portsmouth.

Employment in Plymouth, where Biffy settled, was hard to find and although she was registered with an agency she couldn't get the permanent job she needed. She could pay rent,  but,  without permanent employment, couldn't secure a private tenancy agreement.

Time was running out. Biffy and her three children were facing homelessness. As a capable, positive person she found her situation difficult enough, but as a mum who didn't want to upset her children she was doubly challenged.

"I didn't  know which way to turn - then my best friend suggested that I contact Veterans Aid. And I was looked after from then on."

The charity put a guarantee in place for Biffy's rent and immediately lifted the financial weight. "The day I was told that my  tenancy was going through and I could go and sign for the keys was extremely emotional" she recalls.

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