Man Down: How a decorated infantry soldier ended up destitute and homeless

Roy's Story: Hew found help after a police officer asked him about his medals

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'Roy's Story' describes how a decorated infantry soldier ended up homeless and destitute in London and how, through the intervention of a police officer who quizzed him about his medals, he found Veterans Aid.

Roy says he always wanted to be a soldier, from as early as five years old it was his dream. Yet once he left the army in 2001, his life began to unravel and by the summer of 2002 his wife divorced him. He felt alone and angry.

Homeless in west London, he says, "I was walking but going nowhere. That to me, told me, that mental illness was coming for me now".

Roy ended up in a bad way, resorting to crack cocaine use to blot out his problems. His story is not unique, but his compelling telling of a soldiers' tale has encouraged many others to seek out the charity's help.

He talks about the fear that haunts men and women forced to take to the streets - and the immense sense of safety that overwhelmed him when he realised that his nightmare was over.

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