Captain Moonlight

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WELL, I did warn you about this Naomi Campbell novel. That it was not exactly her own work. 'It couldn't have been written without her,' was the discreet way her publishers, Heinemann, put it, you will recall. But what a fuss] The ghost hunt is on. No one is safe. Even Edwina Currie has had to correct a report that her striking work A Parliamentary Affair was composed by somebody else, although, frankly, Edwina, having read it, I would have let the idea catch on. And now the literary finger is pointing at no less imposing a figure than Eve Pollard, the celebrated late editrice of the Sunday Express (the celebrations took place in a wine bar when staff heard of her departure), who has a book out next April, published by Hodder Headline. The Captain is told that this is part of a two-book deal worth pounds 200,000 and involving the help of two writers. Well, Eve has certainly never done things by halves, but I just cannot bring myself to believe this. Hodder Headline has no comment to make; Eve is abroad. I will keep you posted. This canard must be nailed, if you follow me.