Captain Moonlight: Tabloid exposure

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THIS week's photo fit-up: Will Carling's fiancee Julia Smith has been bemoaning her tabloid exposure via an allegedly see-through top. It's a particularly embarrassing experience, Julia being in public relations and all. 'It must have been something to do with the flash, maybe the sort they use to get past blacked-out windows,' she told me ruefully. 'It wasn't see-through, it was thick chiffon. Look at the picture in the Daily Mail. I'm decent there.'

Quite so. The identical picture, by the paparazzo Nikos, appeared in several papers: except that now you saw through - in the Sun - now you didn't - in the Mail. So who was the villain? No one, it emerged. The print Nikos supplied did indeed reveal the concealed - flash can get to flesh through flimsy fabrics, even opaque ones apparently. The Sun

picture was as the camera saw it, the Mail gallantly printed it a touch darker, as it would have looked to the eye. The moral is, girls: when facing flash-guns go for a sturdy bra.

(Photograph omitted)