Captain Moonlight: The Captain's Catch-up Service

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YES, welcome once again to the weekly news digest which starts where the others leave off . . . Mabel Fryer, of Leeds, has just finished knitting a green jumper for her son. She began it in 1958 . . . Carlos the Jackal broke his silence to complain that in reality he was a simple family man . . . Stage hypnotist Robert O'Shea, of New York, went straight into his routine when a mugger pulled a gun on him. The mugger blasted Robert in both feet and ran off with his watch . . . Unidentified moving underwater objects, believed for many years by the Swedish navy to be Russian submarines, have now been identified as small mammals, probably minks . . . A bull terrier beaten by its master for chasing a cat waited until he dozed off then ripped his throat out, Omsk police reported . . . Comedian Freddy Starr caused outrage in Bournemouth when he told children watching him switch on the town's illuminations, 'Hello kids, Father Christmas is dead. No, I'm joking, he's just seriously ill in hospital' . . . The US Army has ordered 30,000 British kettles for its tanks . . . and, finally, an urn, containing ashes and inscribed 'In Loving Memory', was found in a shopping trolley in the Gateshead Co-op.