Are we the sexiest generation of all time? Thanks to Tinder, hell yeah we are

In today’s glorious and beautiful technological climate you are never more than a click away from a bonking

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It’s official, they did a survey. We are having sex with twice as many people as our parents did. Could we be the sexiest generation of all time? I think so.

The survey, commissioned by the people at Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, confirmed that now days young people have on average 10 sexual partners before they decide to get married, compared to our parent’s number of five.

But should we be surprised?  There has never been a better time for getting jiggy with it. We have been equipped with the tools to make the most of our sexuality. In today’s glorious and beautiful technological climate you are never more than a click away from a bonking. With apps such as Tinder, dating sites such as OKCupid and literature such as Fifty Shades, it’d be wrong of us to not take advantage of this sexual revolution.

See, in our parents’ day it was strategically harder to initiate a quick hook up. With the absence of smartphones, people were reliant on phones that actually had to be plugged into the wall the whole time. Just imagine leaving an answerphone message: “Oh, uh, hello Mary, I wondered if you wanted to come to my place, to listen to some records? Maybe you could stay over, if you know what I mean. Anyway, give me a call back. Sorry by the way, if your parents hear this.”

And for our parents’ parents? Try getting laid via the medium of the telegram. Fruitless.

Back then, you had to meet people in real life first. In real places. Like pubs. Or at work. And you’d have to actually approach them in person too. Face to face. And then you had to convince them that banging you was a good idea. And if you did get a bang, it was better that there be some romance involved in there too, lest your reputation be tarnished and you get known as being ‘loose’.

I can only assume the equivalent of Tinder was your parents introducing you to their parents’ children on a rotating, never ending sequence of dinner parties or being on the receiving end of a match up from friend’s rolodex a la When Harry Met Sally.

Perhaps we have the increasing liberation of women to thank. Women are working more, and shunning the idea that by the time you get to 22 you should be thinking about getting married and starting a family. They’re making money, taking names and finding time to get their rocks off.

Frankly, I'm relieved that I'm playing the field in 2015. There's far less stigma attached to easy pickins’ in the field o’sex. And give me the convenience of a well branded, ‘carousel-of-men’ esque app over uncomfortable small talk any day.