Here's what the Tories have promised to do, and what they're actually doing

After seeing so many U-turns and broken promises, I've decided to express my frustration in a slightly different way

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A strange poem called "Worst Day Ever?" is cropping up everywhere at the moment, after being pinned around London and shared across social media. Upon first reading it may seem to be a completely negative take on life, but offers a surprising twist when then read backwards. With this in mind I thought I'd have a go doing something similar, but on the surprising disparity between what the Tory government said before they gained power and what they are actually doing. Now that really is a story with a twist, although when read in reverse it's not quite as positive...

A Conservative Poem That Works Both Ways

This Tory government is a government for working people

And it simply isn’t true that

We will make life harder

For the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable in society

We only have it in

For the tax evaders and avoiders.

Those who run the show are absolutely

About to clamp down.

We are not

Pandering to big business and corporate lobbyists

We care deeply about

Environmental policies, being of course “the greenest government ever”.

We just want to scrap

Subsidies to renewables and carbon-neutral housing because

We don’t like to see

Industries that can’t stand on their own feet.

Just look at railways, housing and energy -

Where privatisation has failed

To show any sign of weakness

But, of course, we won’t ever dare

Privatise the NHS.

What we will do is

Crack down on this country’s status as an international tax haven for the super-rich.

No more

People must understand -

The Government


The banking sector

We’re not in bed with the banks

And it simply isn’t true that

This Tory government is a government only for corporations and the rich

Now read from bottom to top