Kim Kardashian is not single-handedly responsible for the destruction of all things culturally significant, despite what Sinead O'Connor says

The vitriol is misplaced - Terry Richardson is getting away from the Rolling Stone cover debacle scot-free

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Do you have a particular gripe about modern women and/or society that you would like to pin down on an individual? Why not try everyone’s favourite socialite and scapegoat of the moment, Kim Kardashian. If you’d like to avoid constructively looking into the ills of popular culture as a whole, feel free to just write down your comments on a post-it note and stick it to her much-critiqued derriere.

On this week’s episode of Kicking Off about the Kardashians is Sinead O’Connor, who launched a scathing tirade on Facebook against the reality star who had the nerve to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Ignoring the fact that the shoot was styled and photographed by renowned creep Terry Richardson, according to O’Connor, Kim is not worthy of her prominent spot since she is not rock ‘n’ roll royalty on the level of previous cover stars Snooki from Jersey Shore and fictional character Ron Burgundy. After calling Kim a 'C***' O’Connor claims that with this diabolic act, Rolling Stone have killed music.

And Sinead’s not the only one laying into Kimmy K for having the audacity to live in the public eye. Sharon Osbourne, singer Anastacia, Rose McGowan, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Taylor Schilling have all slammed Kim Kardashian and her ‘culture’.

Don’t get me wrong, with regards to the Rolling Stone cover, I agree that Kim Kardashian is not a singer. She’s not in a band. She’s not a song writer. But haven't we done enough finger pointing at Mrs Kardashian West for the destruction of all things culturally significant?


Frankly, it’s really quite boring to hear Kim Kardashian cited as the reason why people ‘don’t want to live on this planet anymore’. Not only is it lazy, but it's also untrue. It’s boring that people assume our culture has gone to shit just because Kim Kardashian has got her breasts out on the front of a magazine.

I actually think Kim is kind of awesome in her own way. While she was slightly on the periphery of reality fame for being friends with Paris Hilton, her ex-boyfriend Ray Jay released - without her consent - a sex tape the pair had made when they were together.

Do you know what would happen to me a video of me doing something sexual was leaked? I’d be perpetually embarrassed, my parents would probably disown me and any future partners would be like ‘aren’t you that girl that was in the video that time’?

But what has Kim done since the tape release? Released like a dozen clothing lines, given her name to a series of fragrances, created a million dollar phone app, had a bit part in CSI, been named woman of the year, been in a billion series’ of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, released a book of selfies, brought to the forefront her Armenian culture, practically invented contouring, amongst a fistful of other things that have garnered her a net worth of around $48million. The result being that she launched herself into stardom.

Kim Kardashian has managed to turn herself into a multi-million dollar industry. She has refused to be humiliated by something designed to do just that, and consequently become a hate figure of our times.

In fact, she’s reached hate heights so high that at Glastonbury this year some festival goers decided it’d be really cool to get a still from that infamous sex tape and print it onto a huge flag, to wave about during her husband Kanye West’s headline set. Funny, right guys? 

We live in a society where women are taught that their worth lies in their appearance, and Kim is milking it for all it’s worth. If she’s going to be judged for her sexuality anyway, why not use it to her advantage and make money from it?

The vitriol launched at her is misplaced. Instead, it should be directed at the environment which tells women they have to be glamazon sex kittens, then shames them for taking pride in their appearance and enjoying a rampant sex life.

By pointing the finger at Kim, you’re missing the sneaky and mischievous patriarchy who are gleefully riding off into the sunset undisturbed, taking with them Terry Richardson, who appears to be getting away from the Rolling Stone cover debacle scot-free.