Rant & Rave (13/01/13)

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So, it's fair to say that Nick Clegg's first morning taking listeners' calls on the radio station LBC couldn't have gone much worse. Clegg was confronted by an "ashamed" former Liberal Democrat Party member who had torn up his card; a student who felt betrayed by the party's broken promise on tuition fees; a question about why he thinks it is that everybody hates him; and, inexplicably, a listener wanting to know if he owns a onesie. (Inexplicably, that is, until it turned out that the caller was a Liberal Youth activist and former intern in Clegg's office – who went to Eton, natch.) Still, at least Clegg has done the world one favour: by admitting to owning a green adult babygro, surely he has finally kicked the item into fashion's long grass.


It's to be hoped that the new Mrs Fletcher was not one of those brides who hoped that on her wedding day she would be the centre of attention. Her new husband Tom Fletcher, aka Tom out of McFly, has just posted on YouTube his wedding speech – which turned out to be a medley of McFly songs with the words adapted to thank his ushers, praise his in-laws and adore his bride. The song featured jokes about his bandmate best men, and a choir from the Sylvia Young Theatre School, where Tom and Giovanna met 14 years ago. So far, it has been viewed about five million times, and Tom has been accused of upstaging his bandmate Harry Judd, whose own wedding was pictured in Hello! magazine last week. Never mind Harry Judd; what about upstaging his bride? Now, five million people know that her husband thinks her sister is "hot".