Save the tiger: 7 saddening facts about the extinction of Javan tigers


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1. Javan tigers were slightly smaller than their mainland cousins but were renowned for their especially long whiskers.

2. The Javan tiger was quite similar in appearance to the still existing Sumatran tiger, but had darker and more numerous black stripes.

3. The major cause of this animal’s extinction was deforestation.

4. In 1938, natural forest covered 23 per cent of the island of Java.

5. By 1975, only 8 per cent of the forest remained. In this time, the human population had increased to 85 million people.

6. Rusa deer, the tiger's most important prey species, were lost to disease in several reserves and forests during the 1960s.

7. Rumoured sightings of the tigers persist to this day but unfortunately this creature is now considered officially extinct.

Although it’s too late for this beautiful animal, you can help save other tigers by donating to WWF here.

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