Should Labour get rid of Ed Miliband?

It's been a bad week for the Labour leader, with polls suggesting that many are less likely to vote for the party if he is in charge. So should they replace him at the top?

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However bad your week has been, spare a thought for Ed Miliband, who has undoubtedly had it far worse that you.

On Monday, a ComRes survey for The Independent showed that four out of 10 people are less likely to vote Labour with him as leader. Then, he was accused of being “out of touch with reality” after he appeared to have no idea what he – or anyone else in Britain - spent on their food.

During an interview with Susannah Reid on ITV he said he spent “£70, £80 a week on groceries at least, probably more than that,” when the weekly average for a family of four is actually over £100. When asked again later, he said he was only talking about “the basic fruit and vegetables”.

Mere hours later, during a live radio interview in Wiltshire as part of a hard campaign drive in the area, he had to admit that he didn’t know who Labour’s leader for Swindon was, before getting confused about which party was actually leading the council. 

And just as you thought things couldn’t get worse, the next day he had a run in with a bacon sandwich.

Today The Times reports that Miliband’s front bench are sharpening their knives. As results from the local election trickle in, they quote a "leading" Labour figure saying, “The narrative around Ed Miliband, because it’s the truth, is that he looks weird, sounds weird, is weird.” And Graham Stringer, a former Labour minister and MP for Blackley and Broughton told the BBC this morning that Miliband lacks "an immediate appeal to the electorate".

Despite announcing some popular policies, a YouGov poll shows that Labour's lead over the Conservatives has slid from an average of seven points in November, to two-and-a-half so far this month. Not great numbers for the opposition party with under a year before the next general election.

So, is it too late for the party to oust their leader? Is he really the problem? Have your say in our poll below.