South Park, silent births and Nicole Kidman: The top 10 stories from the Church of Scientology

From Tom Cruise to South Park, here are the most interesting scientology stories

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Five years on from the Panorama outburst that resulted in a worldwide viral viewing, BBC journalist John Sweeney has written a book on the dangers of Scientology, including their belief that the holocaust was planned and carried out by psychiatrists.

The Church has also this week denied claims that their leader, David Miscavige, called Nicole Kidman a "gold digger who had faked her conversion" to the religion when she married Tom Cruise back in 1990. A British version of the new book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Lawrence Wright, has however reportedly been cancelled after publisher took legal advice following the alleged claims.

From tiffs with South Park creators to our own Guy Adams, scientology has seen its fair share of controversy over the years. It’s not all bad, though - if you become a scientologist, the money you’ll spend on being audited will be offset by the positivity of your thetan being cleared, and dianetics will enable you to one day reach the Bridge to Total Freedom.

While Scientology gears up to confront its latest criticism, Independent Voices respectfully informs you of the top ten things you should know before becoming a scientologist…

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