Split result: As Schofield apologises, nearly half of readers agreed with him handing Cameron the list of alleged Tory paedophile names


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Yesterday on live television, viewers were shocked when presenter Phillip Schofield handed the Prime Minister a list of suspected Tory paedophiles.

Schofield was forced to apologise as he had “misjudged the camera angle” and the names of several former senior Conservative politicians were visible on the card.

Downing Street has denounced “trial by Twitter” and a “silly stunt” by the ITV presenter Phillip Schofield.

Speaking on the BBC's Question Time on Thursday, Policing Minister Damian Green said Mr Schofield's intervention was a "pretty tasteless and silly stunt".

Conservative MP Rob Wilson has also reported the programme to broadcasting regulator Ofcom, urging them to investigate whether ITV1 had breached its duty to give individuals a chance to respond before subjecting them to serious allegations on screen.

After the event, we asked readers:

"Do you think Phillip Schofield was right in handing David Cameron the list of alleged paedophiles live on TV?"

Over 10,000 readers have responded, and the results still remain split.

As of this morning, 49% of respondents agreed with his actions, so there's a big divide in opinion on the topic.

As many are frantically Googling "Phillip Schofield names paedo list" in an effort to find out who was mentioned, we imagine the ITV offices are praying that nobody's released them.

Readers on Facebook were torn as to whether it was the right thing to do, and many have criticised the Cameron for saying "There is a danger, if we're not careful, that this can turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay."

Here are a few choice comments from readers:

Alan Godfrey The scandal here was Camerons response, as good as equating gayness with paedophilia,outrageous remark.

Daniel Cadwallader as much as I'm a fan of making David Cameron uncomfortable (him being asked how he slept at night on the One show is one of the best moments in TV ever) this feels like a bit of a stunt and if the list in genuine the police need to be alerted

Floyd Codlin I do not agree...in light of the Saville scandel, this will only lead to finger pointing and further accusations. Btw, handing in a list or naming someone is not the same as facts...rather it is making an accusation..a rather dangerous accusation..

Raymond Jennings Schofield: lad.

Aldo Gisonni cheap trick.. cheap TV.. Cameron is doing what he said to have an enquiry. schofrield that was poor judgement

Karen Harvey It is going to be discussed on and off camera. Dealing with it quicker, rather than later, will prevent people suffering unnecessary abuse or unfair accusations.

David Thomas Philip Schofield hands PM list of names plucked off the internet- how is that good journalism? I dislike Cameron immensely, but he did the right thing.

ITV’s This Morning is facing a possible Ofcom investigation, but are yet to comment on the situation.

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