Theresa May's crime and punishment: you decide

As Theresa May suggests putting victims in the judge's seat, Independent Voices offers a series of possible crimes and punishments.

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Theresa May is suggesting a change in law to make police and crime commissioners use a 'menu' of penalties for anti-social behaviour.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, she argued it was time victims were given a greater voice in the criminal justice process.

The Home Secretary said home and property owners should no longer be powerless in the face of yobs.

The new system of victims choosing the crimes would be used for low-level crimes, including criminal damage, which would normally be punishable by a caution.

"For too long, victims of crime have had no voice but this Government is giving victims back their voice," said May.

Here at Independent Voices, we thought we'd offer a list of possible crimes and punishments.

Take your pick and decide which punishment best fits the crime.

Crime and punishment