This week's wackiest web stories: Dog fight, STD cupcakes and the pros of being a psychopath

This coffee tastes like sh*t; Google is out, don't panic; a not so smart phone and who knew celebrities could occasionally fail?

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This coffee tastes like sh*t

Thai hotel brews up coffee from elephant dung. AFP

STD cupcakes

What could be more delicious with your elephant dung coffee, than a slice of diseased lung cake? Welcome to the World's grossest cake

Google outage terror

No, we can't do without it. Not even for only six minutes.

Dog fight

Obie, the dieting dachshund turned media star, is now at the centre of a custody battle. 

The Pros of Being a Psychopath

Not all psychopaths turn out to be serial killers. Some of them contribute a valuable service to society, writes Oxford research psychologist Kevin Dutton in his controversial new book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths.

Celebrity losers

Who knew famous people could occasionally fail at things? Business Insider did, and they've produced this list of 15 People Who Failed Before Becoming Famous.

Not so smartphone

Burglar caught after accidentally filming raid on his iPhone while using it as a torch.

Q: Why don’t apes have bigger brains?

A: Because no one's invented an ape fast food drive-thru yet. Apparently the only reason other apes don't have bigger brains, like us well brainy human apes, is because the aren't enough hours in the day to forage all the food necessary to keep a human-sized brain functioning. In other words, we are only a few monkey Maccy D's away from Planet of the Apes.

Flying high

Mexican 'drug smugglers' car' gets stuck atop US border fence.

It’s a Small, Creepy World

You spent how long on your Halloween costume? These little critters didn't even have to try.

Exam slam

A man in central China has been sentenced to a year in jail for ringing a bell to end a national college entrance exam too early, forcing the students to hand in their papers nearly five minutes before the exam should have ended, state media said on Friday.