Why are they trending? David Cameron, Mark Bridger, Gwen Stefani

What's trending and why? 10 October 2012

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Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger, accused of murdering missing five-year-old April Jones, has been remanded in custody until 11th January 2013.      

David Cameron, Tory

Prime Minister David Cameron will address the nation at 11.30 today. At the Conservative Party Conference (#cpc12)

According to our writer, Andrew Grice, the PM wants to end the Tory party's lurch right with a speech that shows off his compassionate side today.

@David_Cameron evokes the Olympic spirit (in particular watersports) in his tweet: "I’m levelling with the British people in my speech at 11.30. It's sink or swim, do or decline. How we'll ensure Britain wins the Global Race ."

@timothy_stanley tweets: "David Cameron to tell conference that it's sink or swim. And Osborne's throwing us an anvil. cpc2012"

Gwen Stefani

Twitter appears to be celebrating @Gwen_Stefani's birthday, even though, according to her Wikipedia entry, it was actually seven days ago, on October 3. Never mind, with a new album out in Japan and at 43 she's still smokin' hot. Many happy returns, Gwen.

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