Why are they trending? Felix Baumgartner, #AskFelix, Stone Roses, #splashmeetandgreet

What's trending and why? 2 November 2012

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"Edge of space" skydiver Felix Baumgartner (@SpaceJumping) set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 kilometres last month. You can now ask him questions on Twitter about his death-defying feats, using the hashtag #AskFelix. Or, if you're in a more impish mood, you could ask him about the court case in which he stands accused of punching a Greek lorry driver in the face.

@jbwilliamz tweets: "You inspired me to jump off my garage roof. Can you sign my cast?#AskFelix"

Stone Roses

Stone Roses tickets go on sale today.

@TragicMagic_ tweets: "I feel like i've giving birth to my first child, pumped Liam Gallagher or won the tour de france with no legs. Stone Roses in June? Aye."


Tom Daley (@TomDaley1994), the Olympic diver, who was profiled in i yesterday, is the subject of Twitter trend #splashmeetandgreet, because he has announced he will front a primetime ITV show called Splash! where celebrities will compete against each other as they try to get a perfect score at diving. His fans are calling for a meet and greet in advance of the show, hence the hashtag #splashmeetandgreet.

@TomDaleyIsMine tweets: "caitlinsanderss Tomdaley_GB TomDaley1994 LETS SPREAD THE WORD :D #splashmeetandgreet"

Looks like they've succeeded. Whether Mr Daley will capitulate is another matter.

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