Why are they trending? James Bond, #Skyfall, #TEDxBrighton, Pippa Middleton

What's trending and why? 26 October 2012

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James Bond, #Skyfall

You can read Anthony Quinn's review of the new James Bond film Skyfall, which he says "a top villain, one of the great Bond baddies, in Javier Bardem", here.

You can also see video and commentry from this week's premiere here, and see pictures of the glitzy red carpet outfits here.

Meanwhile, Independent Voices asks whether product placement in films has gone too far in: Is James Bond drinking Heineken in Skyfall the worst piece of product placement yet?


This year's TEDxBrighton conference is on the subject of "the generation gap".

James Mayes tweets: "“@interacter: Gen Y people are 'diversity blind'. Don't see distinctions between race, creed, sexuality etc. #TEdXBrighton” #hrtecheurope"

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton launched her new dinner party book, entitled Celebrate, last night. According to Twitter she wore no less than four outfits, presumably not all at the same time. Read John Walsh's hilarious take on what the book might look like here.

@normanmonkey tweets: "Praise to the 6 year old girl who told Pippa Middleton at her awful book launch event yesterday: "I hate princesses. I want to be a vampire".


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