Caroline Kolek: Yes, it's very bad – but smacking is even worse

If there was any attempt to bring back corporal punishment, I think I would leave teaching. Bad behaviour needs to be addressed but I do not think the answer is to hit a child. When I was at school I have a very vague memory of corporal punishment being used. It didn't solve anything.

In my 14 years as a teacher, low-level poor behaviour has increased. One example is swearing: 14 years ago if you walked down a corridor and saw a group of students they went quieter out of respect. Now swearing is OK.

The best way to promote learning in a school is by promoting good behaviour. I think if you have a robust behaviour policy, and it is clear to everybody, that is the way to get good behaviour. Behaviour needs to be addressed at a very early age. By the time they get to 11, it's too late.

The writer is a secondary school teacher in Somerset