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Charles nevin
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Unruly Royalty. The sale of a gold coin bearing the head of King Eadbald of Kent has reminded me what a racy lot early English rulers were. Eadbald (620-635) married his stepmother and kept going mad. Edgar the Peaceful (d.975) was a dwarf and wasn't. Edred (946-955) had terrible indigestion. Cendrith of Wessex (c. 600), wife of Cedwalla, forcibly baptised everyone on the Isle of Wight on one day. Audrey (d.674), wife of Egfrid, a virgin despite two marriages, became Abbess of Ely and took three baths a year to mortify the flesh. Edwy the All Fair (955-959) – below – was late for his coronation after sleeping with his mistress and her mother; he was 14. Series, please!