Dawn Peart: In Beijing to watch her team achieve the biggest Olympic success it has ever had

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The swimming competition ended yesterday so the team went out to celebrate last night, but I have to look after everyone and be responsible so I stayed at the village. Everyone is feeling really high today after all the success we've had; in fact, it's the best British Olympic swimming results ever. Now everyone's just excited about 2012. Can you believe: I actually go for a swim today, and then for a little walk around the village and just relax. It's the first day that we're not competing for nine days so I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm looking after 37 swimmers so it's nice to have a bit of time to myself. The village is probably the best I've stayed in: the food's amazing and we're in a prime location. We're really well catered for here – you never have to leave.


I go and watch the synchronised swimming, which is a great spectator sport at that level. The synchronised swimming team came to support the swimmers so we return the favour. I have tickets for the athletics later on that day so I head to the Bird's Nest stadium and take up my seats which are right in front of the high jump. I also see the men's 110m hurdle and the 200m semi-finals. Of course, seeing Christine Ohuruogu take gold for Britain in the 400m is the highlight tonight. It is magnificent to watch.


The whole of the swim team heads up to Shunyi Park to watch two of our girls, Kerry-Anne Payne and Cassie Patten, compete in the inaugural 10km open water swim. We have a great result, gaining both a silver and a gold. We get back to the village just after lunch and relax. I do some paperwork as well. I'm busy trying to get everything ready for when we fly home on Monday. Everyone's really excited about going home. I think that's when it will sink in for the team just what they have achieved.


David Davies competes in the men's 10km open water swim today, so we're all back at Shunyi Park. It's another fabulous result for the team as he wins the silver. After beautiful weather at the park yesterday, it pours with rain today so we hurry back to the village. In the evening a group of us go for a meal at the Crown Plaza which is close to the aquatic centre. It's the first time I've been out of the accredited zone for the two and a half weeks I've been here! We have a really merry night as there's so much to celebrate.


I get up and have a late breakfast, then go with some of the team to the silk market which is a 45-minute drive from the village. We do a bit of shopping, then I leave the girls to it and head back to the village to do more paperwork. We're all excited to take part in the closing ceremony on Sunday. The swim team didn't get the chance to participate in the opening ceremony as we had events the next day, but we'll all be there on Sunday to celebrate and for the big handover to London for 2012. That really will be the highlight.