Gillian Orr: 'Grim' will be great. I should know...

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When Nick (or Grim, as I call him; an unfortunate moniker that seems to have stuck) told me he was going to do the Radio 1 Breakfast show, I said, "But you hate mornings".

After meeting six years ago, and living together until recently, I know a few things about his reluctance to get out of bed. But he'll be all right. He's legendary for falling asleep anywhere – on one cinema trip together he was snoring by the end of the opening credits – so he'll be able to catch up after the early starts.

He'll do a brilliant job. He's hilarious and he loves to chat; whether it's with someone's great aunt or a pop star, it's a Herculean task just to get him to end the conversation. Another nickname of his is Chatty Cathy. Hopefully he won't subject his listeners to his singing. His vocal performances at karaoke (which, sadly, he's all too fond of) are nothing short of offensive.

He also has encyclopaedic knowledge of music, from rock to pop, hip-hop to dubstep. And he's passionate about finding new artists and genuinely gets excited when he discovers a song he deems great. He'll play it over and over at full volume. Usually caterwauling along.