Max Clifford: My Week

The PR expert has a busier week than usual doing scores of interviews for his clients, who include Jade Goody
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I’m a guest on This Morning to talk about my client, Jade Goody, who found out last Friday that her cancer is terminal. In the afternoon I go to see Jade in the Royal Marsden to chat to her about her wedding she’s decided to have on Sunday. She’s doing what she wants to do, in her own way and everybody has that choice to make. I totally respect her. Her photo deals and interviews are generating a lot of money for her boys’ education and it gives her something to focus on, other than lying in a bed dying. Finally, the coverage of her cervical cancer has resulted in a 20 per cent rise in women having cervical smears. I lost my wife to cancer six years ago and I was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, so it’s something I have a fair amount of experience of. I want to try to help her achieve as much as she wants to achieve while she can. I go home to Surrey, and do a few more interviews from there before going out for dinner with my fiancée and some friends to a Turkish restaurant.


I wake up and go for a swim, which I do most mornings. I have lunch in town with an old friend in the music business, about a potential new PR client. I then go on The Alan Titchmarsh Show to talk about Alfie Patten, the 13-year-old father. I want to make it clear that if they had come to me with the story first, I would have told them not to publicise it and deal with the matter quietly at home with the family. However, when they came to me, it was already all over the media and was getting out of control. I meet Hello! about future projects involving clients, and then I go and do The Richard and Judy Show. I have dinner at Cipriani’s with Simon Cowell.


I’m up for a swim and then have a game of tennis at my club, St George’s. There are more interviews all day. In the evening I have dinner at Sketch with the editor of Look magazine, which we do PR for.


I do GMTV from my home before having lunch with some Spanish clients, Sisu group, who have hotels, health clubs and restaurants in Marbella. I then go for meetings at the Chas hospice, where I’m a patron, and we discuss various fundraising projects.


It’s my usual morning of swimming and breakfast. I have TV crews over at my home to do more interviews before going to my London office. In the evening I go to an Italian restaurant with my brother before going home for more interviews. I love what I do. I’m very lucky, but because of the Jade and Alfie stories this week I have done 32 television interviews, 59 radio interviews and dozens of press interviews with people from around the world. That’s probably about four times more interviews than I would give on a normal week, and, with Jade’s wedding this weekend, there’s more to come.