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Director Lloyd

IN MICHAEL WHITE's opera review of The Carmelites at ENO (Culture, 23 May), he referred to the director Phyllida Lloyd as "Phyllida Law".

Early Cookson

LAST SUNDAY we published a news story which said that Catherine Cookson's novel Kate Hannigan's Girl was discovered among writings when Cookson died last year. In fact, the novel was revised about three years before her death and submitted to her publishers at that time.

Hitch's photographer

IN HIS review of Hitchcock's Secret Notebooks (Culture, 23 May), Alistair Owen perpetrates the assumption that Robert Burks, director of photography on most of Hitchcock's films, "died before his next film, Torn Curtain". Torn Curtain was completed early in 1966, two years before Burks's death in a fire on 12 May 1968.