A dramatic step forward for Democracy 2015: Adam Lotun to stand in Corby by-election on November 15

A month ago, the founder of The Independent launched a new political movement. Today he announces his first parliamentary candidate

Democracy 2015 is making a big step forward. At just four weeks since our launch, we are able to put forward a candidate to contest the Corby parliamentary by-election, due to be held on 15 November.

He is Adam Lotun, a family man who started his career with the National Health Service at a large teaching hospital. He later moved into the IT industry, where in 1991 he had an accident in the workplace. When Adam returned to employment after a series of surgical interventions and rehabilitation, but now registered as disabled, he worked in services for disabled people and at the same time campaigned on their behalf. He reports being manhandled by the police during a demonstration in August outside the offices of the Department for Work and Pensions. He was protesting at the way for work capability assessments were organised. Adam also did effective TV interviews during the Paralympics.

Adam has also been active in his local community. He has served as a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel Chair and Ex-officio Member of the Kingston Community Police Partnership. Adam shares Democracy 2015’s critique of career politicians and the political class. As he writes in his draft manifesto, “we need to see a change in the make-up of Parliament and the perception of politicians with the public. Trust and confidence needs to be rebuilt by Parliament with the public that it represents.”

In fact Adam designed his manifesto to be, as he says ‘a fluid document to ensure that comment from the public could be used to improve the base that I started with.’ This fits in with our plans. For we intend extensive consultation with voters before constructing a programme for government. Meanwhile we are delighted that Adam has agreed to be the first to carry our flag into battle.