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We live - we are often told - in a secular age. Yet we also live in an age in which human affairs are influenced as never before by religion. From international terrorism to the multicultural society on our doorstep, our lives are affected every day by what people believe about the divine.

This weekend a two-part encyclopedia is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand modern life. Based on the work of some of the world's most respected academics, it offers a convenient and fascinating introduction to some of humanity's profoundest - and strangest - ideas.

The two-part encyclopedia is followed by six mini-booklets

Saturday 14 June : 'The Encyclopedia of World Religions' Part 1

Sunday 15 June: 'The Encyclopedia of World Religions' Part 2

Monday 16 June: Christianity

Tuesday 17 June: Islam

Wednesday 18 June: Judaism

Thursday 19 June: Hinduism

Friday 20 June: Buddhism

Saturday 21 June: Sikhism

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