Come on Dave, where's your radio show?

Call Clegg has been a resounding success and now the Mayor of London is launching his own monthly counterpart. The more political phone-ins, the merrier

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Not content with hijacking Nick Clegg’s weekly radio phone-in, not long after its debut, with a tongue-in-cheek question about ministers using public transport, Boris Johnson is now launching his own monthly counterpart, also on the capital’s LBC.

Coming from so shrewd an image-maker as the London Mayor, the move is quite an endorsement of Mr Clegg’s initiative. As well it might be. Far from the public relations catastrophe that the Deputy Prime Minister’s cattier detractors gleefully predicted, Call Clegg has been a resounding success. With so flamboyant an interlocutor, Ask Boris has much promise, too.

Nor should the trend stop there. Indeed, the more politicians engage with real voters, the better. How about a regular Question Cameron, then? Or even Challenge the Chancellor? They do work for us, after all.