Editorial: At last, a sign of life from the Europhiles


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Thus far, the fulminations of the sceptics have dominated the question of Britain’s place in Europe. The famously Europhile Deputy Prime Minister has tried; and a section of the business community did – finally – point out the immense risks of withdrawal this month. But such isolated observations are as nothing compared with the cacophonous blast of Euroscepticism to which Britain is consistently subjected.

The launch of a pro-EU campaign is, then, to be unreservedly welcomed. Even more so as it counts among its backers both Tory and Liberal Democrat cabinet ministers (Ken Clarke and Danny Alexander) and a Labour heavyweight (Peter Mandelson). It can only be hoped that the Centre for British Influence in Europe will prove more fleet of foot than its clunky name suggests. The case for Britain remaining in Europe is overwhelming. It is time to wrest back the airwaves of public debate.