Editorial: Munich 1, Chelsea 0 as Guardiola heads to Bavaria

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So the world's most sought-after football manager has preferred Munich to Chelsea. And who, to be honest, wouldn't do the same? If you're partial to Continental-style city-states rather than super-chic suburbs, as Pep Guardiola's glory days at Barcelona rather suggest he is, Munich has to be in the premier league.

The coffee and the beer are home-brewed; you don't need to don your designer togs to go shopping. You're less likely to get your iPhone nicked, and you can park your (locally made) BMW for pennies rather than pounds. Spacious streets and parks allow you to walk something more serious than a spitz and, for the paparazzi, Bavaria remains a backwater.

The city really is at the heart of Europe, and reaching the airport is a dream. So in the unlikely event you get bored, Pep, the pace, glitz and edginess of Chelsea can be yours in not much more time than it takes to play a match.