Leading article: A candidate still one Jag short of the full Prescott


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Pity the automotive dilemmas of Pippa Bartolotti. The former businesswoman is one of four candidates in the running to take over from Caroline Lucas as the leader of the Green Party. She also happens to drive a Jaguar.

There are many plus points to the Jag, not least for the politician-driver keen to tout their support for British industry. It is not, however, a marque reputed for its fuel efficiency.

That said, the revelation is trickier for Ms Bartolotti than it should be. After all keeping an ancient gas-guzzler on the road for as long as possible consumes fewer of the planet's resources than scrapping it in favour of a whole new car, even a super-green one.

But politics is superficial, and it is hard to see either the Jag surviving Ms Bartolotti's election or her election surviving the Jag. Then again, maybe voters will be forgiving. After all, at least she only has one of them.