Leading article: An A for Ofqual's efforts to tackle grade inflation


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At last some sense on the subject of A-levels. When pass rates do nothing but improve, even as universities complain that incoming students are less well-prepared than their predecessors were, the only reasonable conclusion is that standards have been allowed to slip.

After much prevarication, the exam watchdog is finally proposing to tackle the problem. In future, only a single re-sit will be allowed, so A-levels can no longer be re-taken over and over again. The single end-of-year exam is also to be reinstated, replacing the bite-sized modules which can themselves be taken many times. And universities are to play a greater role in drafting syllabuses and tests.

Absolutely right. Not only have A-level qualifications been devalued, but educational standards have suffered. Ofqual wants the changes in place for courses starting in September next year. Not a moment too soon.