Leading article: Caught in the act

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Very interesting, this news that a gorilla has been caught on camera plumbing the depth of a river with a stick, particularly as it appears to confirm an old theory about animal behaviour, which, until now at least, people have laughed at. It is based on our sometimes inspiring, often irritating but always overwhelming tendency towards overconfidence in our abilities and importance, matched with an irredeemable condescension towards the achievements of "lesser" species.

In short, do you ever wonder if they're the ones having the laugh? "Caught on camera" is the clue. Older readers might recall the KitKat advert, the one where the photographer turns away for a break and the panda comes out and performs a splendid routine on rollerskates.

Come off it, you say. But think: given a choice, would you want to join the human race if you could avoid it? Much better to mind your own business, or play dumb. Quick, here's David Attenborough again, better start scratching.