Leading article: Country for hire

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One might have assumed that renting an entire country would be the most extortionate of transactions. But the Principality of Liechtenstein is allegedly available for a remarkably reasonable £40,000 a night.

The website Airbnb, which is advertising the country, suggests the tiny Alpine nation could be used for "events, corporate retreats and conferences".

But are they missing a trick? Rather than touting Liechtenstein to the global conference circuit, they should surely be targeting the international super-rich – and their egos. They should throw in the opportunity not only for people to have the run of the nation for a few days, but also to be crowned temporary king (for an appropriate premium, of course).

But the Liechtensteiners should also be careful. People have been known to take small souvenirs (bathrobes, ashtrays and the like) from hotel rooms. And the more expensive the hotel, the more people feel entitled to take. So when their wealthy overlords have departed, Liechtensteiners would be advised to count their castles.